Oasis Nguyen

Licensure: Cosmetology, May 2016

Oasis.nguyen@gmail.com, 408-613-8081, oasisnguyen.com

Feature Films

The Shaman’s Wife (Special Effects Makeup Artist). Dir. Ham Tran

Coming Home Again (Makeup Artist), Dir. Wayne Wang

The Clearing (Makeup Artist), Dir. David Matalon/Run Zombie Run, LLC

Walk to Vegas (Special Effects Makeup Artist), Dir. Eric Balfour/Big Block Entertainment

The Wisdom Tree (Assistant Makeup Artist). Dir. Sunil Shah/The Wisdom Tree, LLC

Always Learning (Makeup Designer) Dir. Robert Krakower/ Spartan FIlms

I want to get Married  (Additional Makeup Artist) Dir. William Clift/ Breaking Glass Pictures

Cheap Fun (Makeup Artist), Dir. Zach Sutherland/ Spartan Films

Super Hero Party Clown (Makeup Designer) Dir. Jeremy Inman/ Spartan Films

Television Experience

Mr Student Body President Season 2, (Additional Makeup Artist). Dir. Jack Ferry & Ryan Hunter/GO90

Navy Seals Season 2 (Makeup Artist). Dir. Paul Epstein/ NBC

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Season 3 (Special Effects Makeup Artist). Dir. Chris ‘Casper’ Kelly, Dave Willis/ Adult Swim

Sense8, Season 2 (Additional Makeup Artist) Dir. Lana Wachowski/ Netflix

Fight of the Living Dead, Season 2 (Makeup Artist). Dir. Kevin Abrams/Youtube Red

FX Makeup Shop experience

Creature FX, Hair Ventilation, Hair artist

Skin shop INC, casting silicone and mold making

Christian Tinsley FX, Hair punching

George Troester FX, Hair work, mold making, sculpting, fabricating, and puppetry

Top Knot, Hair Ventilation

Justin Stafford Hair goods, Hair ventilation

Alterian, Licecasting, makeup application, and fx runner

B2FX, Barney Burmans Fabricating, painting, and seaming

Silver Scream FX Lab Makeup application, fabricating, and painting

Bonfiglio FX, Painting, Mold making, Prosthetic application, and Lifecasting

Salon Experience

Great Clips, June 2016- September 2016, November 2017- February 2018

18-8, April 2016-September 2016

Area of Expertise:  

  • Life-casting (silicone or Alginate)

  • Natural makeup, Beauty makeup, and elaborate glamour makeup

  • Sculpting.

  • Casting prosthetic: foam latex and gelatin

  • Prosthetic application- latex, gelatin, foam latex, silicone, and pros-aid traffic

  • Bald cap-latex and plastic/vinyl caps

  • AGING- Old age stipple and prosthetic application

  • HAIR:. Licensed Cosmetologist, Hair styling, hair cutting, wig-styling, beard and mustaches, custom hair ventilation, hair application, trimming, and men's grooming.